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Together with the Pink Elephant we are the largest and leading provider of ITIL training. We are accredited by ISEB, EXIN and Loyalist College's, which are international independent institutions that manage the ITIL certification program. As the official supplier of educational and training services, we are also recognized by the Project Management Institute's (PMI).

Together with the Pink Elephant:

  • We educated more than 100,000 IT professionals in ITIL, including a lot of staff from the best Fortune 100 companies in the world; more than any other organization in the world,
  • We are estimated to be one of the best and highest quality ITSM service providers and more than 96% of our clients and partners would recommend our trainings,
  • We organized one of the first official COBIT seminar on the basic level,
  • Together with HDI, we are the world's largest training provider of so-called soft skills which are needed for quality day to day business operations, management, leadership and business management.

Together with HDI company we encourage and enable:

  • Education and certification based on internationally recognized standards, both in the form of classroom courses as well as possibility of on-line courses,
  • In the implementation of our services we are leaning on our own resources, experiences and work cooperate with two of the world’s most recognized companies in IT industry.